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  Posted Apr 08/20 by Graham Scargall

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Final week:  

Division 1, 2 and 3 Report card pick-up: 

Report cards will be available for pick-up next week on Monday, June 22nd and Thursday June 25th (students from all three divisions can come to Mr Haugen’s outside classroom door by the basketball court to pick up). Students who attend school on Tuesdays will be issued their report cards on Tuesday at the end of day.    

Instructions for the week of June 22nd -June 26th: Go to the website:  https://bettereducate.com/zzx07bj9826v 

For our final week we have four tasks we are hoping students can attempt: 

***We have ensured that all files are available as PDFs for those who print off assignments*** 

    1.  Check previous week’s Logic Problem Answers. 


      2.  For the final weeks IXL math we would like students to continue the “Diagnostic” section rather than the “Learning” section. After choosing the Diagnostic option click on the “step into the arena” box and you will be guided from that point forward. Try to continue to do 20-30 min of math daily if possible.   


        3.  Watch the “8 Reasons To Be Excited about Quamichan School” video if you are in grade 7 or interested. 


          4.  Using the link for “geology.com” complete the questions for Geography A-Z  the letter J. (Hints: all answers for this sheet start with the letter J, Google is a good resource if you are stuck on an answer).  

          ***As an extra challenge select one of your seven answers and find “Five Fun Facts” that you write down.*** 

          Although the last four months were not what anyone anticipated we were pleased that many of our students took on the challenge of online learning.  We also appreciated hearing that many were working on their own programs at home.  As well, it was great to see some students return on Tuesdays for the last month of school. Thanks to parents for supporting your child’s learning during this difficult time.  We are looking forward to welcoming the grade 6’s back in Septemberand would like to wish the grade 7’s well. We hope you have a fantastic experience at Quamichan or whatever school you attend next!  Please have a safe and enjoyable summer! 

          Mr Haugen, Mr Scargall, Mr Ralfs 

          8 Reasons To Be Excited About Quamichan