PVP Growth Plan Process

  Posted by Scott Stewart for BCPVPA
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Mar 20/17 10:33am

I have used the BetterEducate Growth Plan template and have found it to be very useful.  I have progressed through the self-assessment and identified two goal areas.  Where the power will come from is sharing resources, seeing examples of practice, and learning opportunities that help support growth plan goals.

Based on my goal areas, I am hoping we can collaborate to help each other where similar goals have been chosen.



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Apr 03/17 11:11am

Yes I am Shawn, thanks for asking


May 18/17 1:04pm

Hey stranger. I recognize those two in the picture with you. Hope all is well. This is a fabulous set up.  


Apr 03/17 11:04am

hey Scott, thanks for the post.  Are you comfortable in sharing your goal areas?  Perhaps this will stimulate some discussion from other members with similar goals.


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