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  Posted by Michele Cross-Pomponio for Better Educate
Jun 19/20 2:34pm

Hi, does anyone know what you do after filling in all the fields and attachments on the school growth plans?  When you print it, it doesn't look very good, cuts off pages etc,.  How do you attach this to your school website?




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Jun 29/20 10:01am

Hi Michele! You can share your growth plan digitally on your website. When you are working on your plan, there's an option on the top called "share". If you click that, you can get a shareable link to put on your school's website that links to a read-only version. It looks pretty slick, much better than printing it!

If you can't find that "share" button, let me know and I'll do some screen shots for you!

Jun 29/20 10:15am

Hi Kirsten, I did know about the share button but I was wondering how you post the plan on your school website or share it with someone that is not on Better Educate? Is that possible?

Jun 29/20 10:26am

The link that the share button produces opens up for people without an account. The link can be copy and pasted directly on your school website.

Jun 29/20 10:29am

Yes! Once you click "share" there's a link at the very bottom that works for anyone, even those outside the platform!

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