reporting with adaptations

  Posted by Kevin Gianakos for Better Educate
Nov 21/19 3:04pm

We are trying to sort out how to best capture reporting on student progress at the 5, 6, 7 level when there are significant curricular adaptations. For example if we report a C+ in myed for grade 7 LA it indicates that student rec'd a C+ at the grade 7 level, even if they are working at a grade 5 level. Our current practice is to then identify adaptations in the comments. However, the problem we are finding as students transition to the high school is that teachers / course advisors then need to read through all of the comments to identify what is actually going on for each student. Does anyone have an easier way to flag and communicate this info?

The second issue is that at the end of the year PR card marks reflect progress toward grade level goals and don't show or indicate that adaptations were provided. 

Interested to hear how people are working with this.


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