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  Posted by Suruthi Jesenthiran for BCPVPA Offshore Schools
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Suruthi Jesenthiran's AvatarSuruthi Jesenthiran
Sep 12/19 6:01pm


Can anyone share some staff team building activities that worked well? 



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No AvatarWilliam Skytte
Sep 12/19 8:12pm

Hey Suruthi, pass along your personal email and I’ll send some stuff your way this weekend. Cheers, Will


Sep 23/19 10:00pm

The 'Summer Selfie'

I was introduced  to the 'Summer Selfie' activity by Claire Guy, ED at BCSSA. Could be modified lots of ways. 

1. Request a digital selfie from staff doing something they enjoy. An activity or at an event. 

2. Let them know you plan to share with other staff during the next meeting. 

3. Show 3-4 through the meeting, allowing staff to guess who and the context. 

4. The 'owner' then explains.

5. Amazing to see how focused the room gets when the sharing / explaining happens.

6. Also, those that didn't initially submit their photos, did afterward.

It's a great for staff to let colleagues know a little more about them. A safe way to share. 


Sep 23/19 10:02pm

Also, saw this resource in BetterEducate!


Sep 24/19 2:53pm

Hi, I really enjoyed the Goosechase scavenger hunt that we did this past year at the BCPVPA Short Course. I have used it with our incoming students and with our leadership students who all really enjoyed it. The flexibility of how you design the Goosechase is great. They also provide a number of very good examples.

Another activity we did this year that was incredibly powerful was a sharing circle. To build on the idea of identity we had staff share their own story of identity. The focus was on where people are from. Individuals discussed their personal heritage, their family history, and major incidents that have shaped who they are today. Staff really enjoyed it and found that it opened up connections that they never knew they had with others.


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