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  Posted by Shawn Lockhart for BCPVPA
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Jun 10/19 11:11am

I realize that me posting this question to the Better Educate community is a bit ironic, however, we have had some recent parent "ranting" on social media lately.  I can't help but wonder once again how we can instill in our parents the importance of modelling conflict resolution to our kids in effort to preserve school culture (for kids).  Furthermore, I'm interested in any ideas, lesson plans, etc.. that we can put in front of students at an early age so we are not seeing a constant increase of "Keyboard Warriors."

Your thoughts, resources and ideas are very much appreciated



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Jun 10/19 3:13pm

Totally agree.   We have the same frequently with parents on social media sometimes bordering on harassment or libel.


Jun 10/19 11:35am

I completely agree. I would like to know if any resources are out there for this as well. Empathy building and consequence maps or social thinking mapping (Michelle Garcia Winner) are tools I use, but they are not necessarily linked to social media directly. Please share any resources you find! ...such an important topic.

-Laura Rhead, VSB


Jun 11/19 6:44am

Hey Shawn, it's probably not exactly what you're looking for, but I actually modeled a family meeting last week. I had a couple parents in my office who are in crisis, and lack the parenting skills to support their child. We talked about boundaries, responsibilities, expectations, etc in the home. They didn't seem capable of having that conversation with their child, so in the end we just did it together in my office. It was awesome! I think even going so far as to generate the list of family household rules, like a poster for the fridge, might be an outcome for our next sit down. This will allow the kid to have some input like in a "regular" family, and also to see that their parent has some responsibility in the matter. It allowed me to foist some reasonable structures on the family as well, like electronics off by a certain time at night (for everyone!), and encouraged the adults to do some modeling. 

I hope that helps. 



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