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  Posted by Shawn Lockhart for BCPVPA
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Feb 23/17 2:09pm

Hello everyone welcome to Better Educate.  We are always looking for new ideas to improve this site.  If you have any improvements you would like to see please add them.

Here is an introductory video that will Introduce you to and help you navigate Better Educate. This videos were created by BCPVPA President Kevin Reimer.

Introductory Video:



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Feb 24/17 8:41pm

Collaborations should default to something other than ALL - perhaps for BCPVPA members it should be that group. I don't think I want to see History 12, etc. I want to see what's happening in what's important to me. Perhaps if we could select a default group instead of ALL for everything.

Also - adding a Resource Category of Leadership and/or Leadership related categories to make it easier to search using those. Many resources I would post would be related to Leadership - not Curriculum or Student Services, etc. 

When posting resources, I find the POST AS: "BCPVPA" or "School District 59" very confusing. I'm not either - is it POST TO? Perhaps some clarity there. This would then make sense to be able to post to a group or to then be able to create collaborations (chats) within a group of people. I could add all my admin in association to have a conversation or collaboration around something we specifically have going on and then it wouldn't show up for everyone.

I (or PRSPVPA SD59 Executive) would like to have 'Control' over our Dashboard. If we could create a way for us to setup layout, chats, resources groupings, etc that are for our SD it would make it a go to place for our association. I'm seeing this as a communication tool for us. IF we could add polls or survey modules that we could add to our own Dashboard for members of that group to be able to interact with (not non-members). 

Feb 24/17 8:45pm

Is there a way to message individual PVP that you are connected to in your network? Or share resources with a small group of like-minded individuals?

Another Resource Category to add - Assessment

Feb 25/17 2:36pm

These are all very good points.  Thank you very much for the feedback.  We are going over your suggestions and I'll reply with any updates we make and a full response shortly.

Feb 25/17 4:51pm

One other - (Shawn your email I sent to myself from your computer - didn't come through) - in the emails - it's pulling the full resolution image for the header from the profile of the person posting. Can we make it smaller  thumbnail with user name beside it?

Feb 28/17 6:59am

I still can't seem to add resources to the private group I've created (Peace River South PVP Association (PRSPVPA) - SD59) . I'm hoping that when I post resources to my group (it's for my PRSPVPA colleagues), that it won't show up in the Latest Resources Feed or in the Resources side tab. Some of that may or may not be for public consumption :).

Also, how do I add a clickable link in these boxes. When I copy and pasted one in, it didn't convert automatically and there's no formatting option above.

Thanks guys. Love this so far. Exploring how I can possibly expand it's use for our group and to ensure that it is consistently used/checked.

Feb 28/17 11:54am

Add Resource to Private Group:

  1. Add a Member Group by clicking on profile picture in top right and going to Member Groups.  Make sure to add members to your member group.
  2. When creating a resource, when you get to the Publish Tab, if you don't want the resource to be published to everyone, uncheck the Everyone checkbox.  Then check the Publish to Group checkbox and select the group(s) you want to publish to.  This will only email the resource to the group(s) you selected and will only show under Resources for the members of those groups.  It will not display for anyone else under Resources.

Clickable link:

  • We've added a link button in the editor so you can add a clickable link.  Note though that when creating a resource, there is a tab called Links & Files where you can add links to the resource.  When you add a link this way, a thumbnail will automatically be created and it will be included in the right under Links for the resource.  We're looking into setting it up so that when you paste a link/url in the Description it will automatically add the link into the Links section of the resource.

We are going to respond soon on your other comments.  Still discussing a couple items.

Feb 28/17 12:27pm

Awesome. Thanks Adam. And thanks for explaining how to do the resource to the group.

Feb 28/17 12:51pm

We sincerely love your comments. These are all issues that have been lingering but your comments have sparked some discussions that will help the site moving forward. I personally hope that you continue to provide some feedback as you clearly have a good understanding of the potential of the bettereducate concept. 

  1. Collaborations: You are absolutely right. The hope is to have the default be based on your Organization, or level, or category, or whatever makes sense down the road. In the early phases of the site, until there are enough topics, we've chosen to default to All until there are enough topics to organize.
  2. Resource Categories: This is an area we have had a lot of discussion about and hope to get some feedback on. There is a potential to have a huge number of categories and levels to organize resources into. So how do we do this? Do we set the categories and force people to select a category? Or do we allow for people to create categories? Or does it become like a twitter hashtag? Would love to get some suggestions.
  3. Post AS: Things are currently setup so that BCPVPA members can post on behalf of BCPVPA which means that these posts will show under BCPVPA Resources and anyone following BCPVPA will receive a notification of these posts. We've just added the option to be able to "Post As Myself" which would post to All Resources and would only notify anyone who is following you personally. We've also added a note describing this. Hopefully this makes it less confusing.
    Note that when you get to the Publish step, you can also select who to share the post with which will also affect who has access to the post.
  4. Organization Administrators: Yes, this is something we are working on.  Will let you know when more information is available.
  5. Messaging other members: Yes, we are discussing the best way to implement this. Should we have a chat area for people to be able chat with/collaborate with specific members? Or simply allow members to show their email address on their profile? Or both? What do users want? Open to suggestions.

Feb 28/17 9:03pm


Collaborations = Makes sense until it becomes large enough volume to need a user to default to limit what you have to look through.

Resource Categories = Perhaps a brainstorming session with a group of admin/teachers would possibly flesh out what that might look like. My personal bias would perhaps to look at a major category with some sub categories. For example: District, School, Classroom, Learning Services, Other. District --> Leadership, ???, ???, ???. School --> Leadership, Change, ???, ???, ???. Classroom --> Assessment, Classroom Management, Innovation, ???? etc. etc. I think that some form of hashtag system would be beneficial as a side piece. It could it to be set up to allow people to quickly see trending hashtag resources.

Post As = I like the Post as Myself. That was a great addition. Now I feel like I'm not putting stuff in a place that I shouldn't :). Perhaps you could just use this to give permissions for who can add things to a districts or BCPVPA or school (??? future???) dashboard. If you made it so that only people with a specific permission could post to BCPVPA (i.e. Kit, Liz, Warren, etc), SD59 (local chapter exec), DCSS - Central (principals of the school). I just had another thought about this - perhaps you differentiate between a member and organizer of the 'Organization'. Perhaps the Organizer when they post resources for members of the group, it gets added to one widget (or pinned), and when the Member posts it posts to the general resources of the Dashboard. This would allow Organizers (ie.myself for our local chapter) to post things that re important or to make collaborations for the group while members are able to add resources, etc. (Not sure if that made sense at all).

Organization Admin - see above. I thought it would be something. The organization of all of this is crazy and is going to for sure impact user experience.

Messaging - Email is good but then it makes it harder to track messages or to see the flow of a conversation. Also I think some of the power of the platform is connecting people. And not just individuals but also groups of people. Take for example this conversation between you and I  and Shawn and then you add in the collective of the rest of our BCPVPA Tech Committee. If we had a flow of conversation between the 6-8 of us it would really make for a dynamic, thinking space for us to throw ideas around. Those are my few thoughts on it at this point. 

Thanks for the feedback on the feedback. I think there is a tonne of potential here to create a collaborative space for Educators. I see potential for 'Better Educate' chats that happen at 5:30MST on Thursdays - far more potential there I think that 140 character flow of thought Twitter chats in my opinion. Realtime sharing of resources and thoughts. Woohoo. 

Feb 28/17 10:06pm

Chris I'm starting to like you.


Apr 20/17 9:51am

Hi Shawn :) I was wondering if there was an option to "hide" resources that I have looked at but have decided aren't useful at the moment - for our individual profiles? Probably I just haven't figured out that feature yet!

Apr 20/17 9:55am

Hi Judith, do you mean adding resources to under your profile but just not publishing them? If that's the case just save the resource but uncheck the publish boxes. It will save them under your your resources and only you can see them. They will appear in a lovely "salmon" colour until you are ready to publish.


Jul 04/18 8:21pm

I've been able to upload photos to my growth plan, but not PDFs or PowerPoint files as evidence. Has anyone else been able to upload files that weren't photos?


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