Timetable/Scheduling: Cohorts at Secondary

  Posted by Jennifer Kennedy for Better Educate
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Aug 13/20 9:40am

Hi everyone!

I'm wondering what ideas/thoughts/processes you are using in the development of cohorts for (re)creating the timetable for Grades 8-12?  It might be a great place to gather ideas or connect with others in similar communities/school sizes here.

I'll put my working thoughts in a comment below.  I'd love to connect with other VPs around BC that are working on this right now.




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Aug 14/20 3:49pm

Hi Jen,

At our school, we are looking at dividing a student population of 220 into 3 cohorts (8/9s, 10s , 11/12s). We can keep our semester timetable but need to reschedule some students in out 9/10 PE class and socialliy distance in 10-12 electives. Also, we are planning on reducing travel time and separating students at break times into 3 areas.

-Tom VP


Aug 14/20 9:04pm

Great start Jennifer!  Anything I can do to help this conversation get out there (Twitter etc) please let me know.  I know this dialogue is going to become a very large need for administrators to connect with.


Aug 17/20 7:05am

Hi Jennifer,

This is great and thank you for doing this. We have another meeting with our Chapter Presidents next week regarding the restart plan and we will encourage them to respond to and post their plans and resources to this Collaborate.


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