Education Experience

District Grade Position When?
BCPVPA Professional President 2018 to 2020
University of British Columbia Post-Secondary Sessional Tutorial Instructor 2004 to 2018
Kootenay-Columbia District Staff Director of Technology 2004 to 2005
Kootenay-Columbia 8-12 Principal 2006 to 2017
Kootenay-Columbia Professional Chapter President 2007 to 2011
British Columbia Professional Director 2013 to 2017
Kootenay-Columbia 8-12 Principal 2017 to 2018
British Columbia Professional President-Elect 2017 to 2018


David is the President of the British Columbia Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association. He has been ‘on the job’ since July 1, 2018 and is enjoying the steep learning curve associated with his new role. 

Prior to this role, David was a Director with the BCPVPA for 5 years and consistently engaged in provincial committee work; most recently with the provincial Workplace Intensification and Well-Being committee. Identifying and mediating the work-life balance challenges that face professionals is a new passion for David's focus and energy. He has 27 years in the business of education, including 10 years of teaching experience in grades 7-12 and 14 years with the UBC Faculty of Education. His 17 years in administration and 12 years as a secondary school Principal, have informed and shaped David's journey as he  developed his diverse set of professional experiences  knowledge and skills that he now applies to the K-12 sector and beyond. 

David cares deeply about student success. Although there are many definitions for what student success is or can look like, David believes, at its core, success is unique to the individual and their contexts. Students must have a voice in defining their personal success. His teaching and administrative experiences focused on the transitions that our children, youth and young adults face in their personal life journeys. David implemented purposeful and strategic supports for teachers and students to increase student engagement, graduation rates and successful transitions into life after high school. His key measure for his own success is found in the survey data that his former students provide once they engage in their lives after high school. If they are safe, happy and able to find joy in their life journey - success.

David is a champion for innovative learning environments that are student-centred, a sought after presenter, an enthusiastic but typically off-key singer and a believer in evidence-informed system processes. He is married to a master teacher, Christine, and they have three grown children who indirectly remind him daily of importance of maintaining a well-balanced professional and family life.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to David to discuss learning. He is always looking for a chance to engage in a 'coffee talk', Skype session or a chat.